Oman Is Getting Its Very Own Book Exchange |

Oman Is Getting Its Very Own Book Exchange

If reading is your passion and you’ve always wanted to take part in a book exchange, now’s your chance!

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20 September 2018

Last updated on 20 September 2018
Oman Book Exchange

It’s needless to say why books are so important - they bring up fond memories, enhance our creative thinking and give us an opportunity to zone out from the busy world.

And not only are they educational but a book has the power of bringing back significant memories of our loved ones and enhancing our creative thinking.

For many children, reading their favourite book enhanced their imagination through their favourite fictional books and characters – imagining how they look like, imagining how powerful their superpowers were and imagining what can happen in the book’s sequel.

An event themed around the love of books is making its way to Al Mouj Muscat in Oman to inspire the love of reading for people of all ages and background.

Little Free Libraries book exchange is an event that wants to connect people in Muscat through a very simple book exchange – this worldwide movement has been to hundreds of cities and have witnessed more than millions of books exchanged FOR FREE per year.

And if you’re in Muscat, then you’re in luck because here’s everything you need to know to participate

Book Exchange

Where will it take place?

There are four Little Free Library located around the Al Mouj Muscat development – so you can find a kiosk in The Walk, Marsa Promenade, Reehan Residences and Beach Park.

The Kiosks include a book box that people can use to take a book and replace it with another book so that everyone can read different books in the same location and for people to share some of their favourite stories.

How does it work?

It’s very simple – to take a book you like from the kiosk, you must return a book. This method helps the free exchange of books so that no one is left out and the books are on a constant shuffle.

You can return any book you like, given that it’s not explicit and is suitable for everyone to read – opt for your favourite book and see if someone sparks a conversation about it.

People living in Oman are already showing their love for books as community members have started to share loads of books in different genres, languages and ages.

So donate any books that you no longer use and let someone else enjoy giving it a read!