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Beauty essentials in Muscat

Latest post on 05 March 2016 - 22:21

Good evening ladies.

We will be moving to Muscat, from South Africa, in July. I have a few questions, as a newbie, and apologise if they have been answered a million times before.
On the beauty side, where do I get, at reasonable prices
1) full bikini wax
2) hair colour
2) acrylic nail overlays

On the schooling side
1) is The Wave too far from BSM in peak traffic?

On the housing side
1) My daughter is 13 and has obviously just entered a very social phase in her life. She is devastated to be leaving homebase. From a social / access to friends point of view which would be better? MQ or The Wave? I don't want her to be, or feel, socially isolated.
2) does anybody know of a 4 bedroom twin villa to rent, in The Wave or MQ?

Thanks in advance for accepting me and for helping me with my questions.


Latest post on 21 June 2016 - 11:32
Hi! I'd be interested in knowing what moving company you use to Muscat. Options seem to be limited here. Where in SA are you coming from? We are planning to move to SA about the time you arrive here, hence the questions. Oman is by far the nicest country within the GCC, so you will most probably like it. Not sure if you've moved internationally before, but like all moves, there are frustrations with the way things work (or don't). It is a much slower paced life here, but we still have the crazy drivers, unnecessary honking etc. As far as beauty essentials etc., I've used Ayana Spa for facials and getting my nails done every now and then. Check Dubizzle/OLX Muscat, Oman for your housing needs. Lots of villas are available now, as lots of expats are leaving or have left. Good luck with your move!:)
Latest post on 08 March 2016 - 14:38
Hi, Oman is a beautiful country. I'm sure you will love it. 1) Ayana Spa,Bliss Spa,etc 2) Muscat beauty Salon, Dessange,etc 3) Try Tips and Toes( not sure but they do give the best pedicure and manicure) Well yes it's a bit far. So try the interchanges. Well MQ has more social connection areas compared to The Wave. About the villas check out the local newspapers or Facebook what's happening Oman? Forum Hope this helps :)