Al Hafah Souq (Salalah) |

Al Hafah Souq (Salalah)

Nestled in the coconut groves on Salalah's south side is a cosy souq in the Al Hafah section of town.

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18 July 2013

Last updated on 14 June 2017
Al Hafah Souq (Salalah)

Nestled in the coconut groves three kilometers out of Salalah is a cozy souq in the Al Hafah section of town. Here are textile shops, gold and silver souqs and probably best of all, perfumeries where you can find frankincense and bokhur that will send your olfactory senses sailing. All the accoutrements are available as well as burners and charcoal.

Al Hafah Souk

Al Hafah souk is an old style souk, not to be confused with the modern replica souk that can be found in many shopping malls. This souk looks and feels like an old style Omani souk where batering is not only acceptable, but if you don't do it the stall owners will not repect you. It is one of those rare places where one can by authentic Omani products. 

This souq is well known as probably the best place in Oman to purchase various gum and frankincense. The incense is sold by weight and is packaged in little gold and silver pots that make great souvenirs for friends back home. These incense are quite potent and the smallest amount is enough. Remember to buy charcoal and other paraphernalia for the incense, everything is sold at this market.

Al Hafah Souq also trades in textiles and clothing. One can find various traditional textiles and garments here. As with all other souks bartering is a must. In addition to the textiles various artifacts and knick knacks such as jewelry and souvenirs are sold at the market.

In typical Omani fashion there are local cafes within the souq that are not to be missed. Little places like this serve the tastiest of the local fare. Relax with a cup of strong black Arabic coffee and sample the best local snacks before you continue your shopping expedition.