All About Ibra in Oman |

All About Ibra in Oman

Ibra is an extremely old city in the Eastern region of Oman. It's fame is due to the fine horses and horsemen in the past.

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18 July 2013

Last updated on 14 June 2017
All About Ibra in Oman

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As Oman dates back centuries it has some ancient towns, an example of this is Ibra. The estimated population is 35,000 people. In the past Ibra has been famous for their fine horses and horsemen and for once being the center of trade, religion, eduacation and art. The ancient look of the city is what makes it so traditional from the eastern castles and mosques. People say that in this city, time travel is possible.

Ibra is 150 kilometres from Muscat, taking around an hour and a half to drive. it is available by buses and coaches if they belong to Oman National Tourist Corporation (ONTC). Cars are also available to be hired from car rental agencies.

Ibra dates back to before the Prophet Muhammed's calling. The city contains many castles and old mousques.
Ibra has become a more modern city since 1970 under the reign of Sultan Qaboos. Improvements include connections to Muscat via a two-lane highway, which has increased tourism. Communications have been improved to include broadband access, and there is now a substantial hospital. Ibra provides three choices of higher education:

  • Ibra College of Technology
  • Ibra Nursing Institute
  • Beginning in the fall of 2010, A’Sharqiyah University

There are now two hotels in Ibra, and tourism is promoted in the area.

While it has been modernised in the 1970s it still has the nostalgia of a Middle East that once was. There are many castles and old mosques that are cuturally enlightening. A unique feature of Ibra is the ‘Wednesday Souq’ run entirely by women. On the far side of Ibra lies Al Mansfah village, a community of mansions once owned by prosperous merchants of the 19th century during the reign of Said the Great. With the decline of Said's commercial empire these once stately mansions fell into ruin.

Ibra is surrounded by mountains and unlike many countries there is a great view and terrain. The temperature is the same as everywhere and the summer months can get unbearably hot. However the winter is lovely and cool. There is very little rainfall in Ibra and it occurs mostly during the winter.