All About Khareef Festival in Oman |

All About Khareef Festival in Oman

This day marks the start of the Islamic Hijri calendar, which is based on the lunar calendar.

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2 May 2013

Last updated on 14 June 2017
All About Khareef Festival in Oman

Salalah, in July and August

This festival is held in Salalah each year, from 15 July to the end of August, to celebrate the monsoon season. There are music and dance performances from different regions of Oman, the exhibition and sale of Omani handicrafts, and sports events. It is a chance to witness rare performances such as the Zanooj dance, which involves a cast of thousands.

Khareet festival Oman

Khareef is a colloquial Arabic term used in southern Oman ,southeastern Yemen and Sudan for the south east monsoon. The monsoon affects Dhofar Governorate and Al Mahrah Governorate from about June to early September. Towns such as Salalah depend upon the khareef for water supply. An annual Khareef festival is held in Salalah to celebrate the monsoon and attract tourists.

The Khareef Festival was one of 2011s top tourist festivals in Oman attracting visitors from neigbouring Arab countries and the world. Salalah is known as the perfume capital of the world due to the abundance of Frankinsence trees, the city becomes a fragrant green paradise during the monsoon. This natural phenomenon occurs in conjunction with the festivities such as concerts, food displays, a mix of games that attract an mix of audiences.

This is one local festival that should not be missed as it shows Oman's fun and cultural side. Oman is one of the most peaceful Arab Nations making it the perfect holiday destination for those wanting to experience the festival of the Monsoon. For more information about the festival visit their website>>