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Birth Certificate Oman

Here is all you need to know about registering your new born in Oman.

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18 July 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Birth Certificate Oman

The system of civil status includes the birth event record of a new born child, for Omanis in the Sultanate and abroad and also expatriates who are residents in the Sultanate. The birth event is to be notified within two weeks as from the date of birth in the Sultanate, and within three months when the birth occurs outside the Sultanate (if the residence period outside Oman is for more than one month), or within fifteen days (if the residence period is less than one month).

The information about the newly born child is to be registered in the system, and then a civil number is given. Further, a birth certificate is issued containing the name of the newly born, sex, nationality, time and place of birth, the Hijri aBirth Certificate Omannd Gregorian calendar dates, parent data; their national / resident ID numbers, their nationality, their names, and place and date of certificate issue.

Steps to follow to request the service

1. Submit a letter of request to any of the Directorates of Civil Status in any of the governorates and regions of the Sultanate.
2. Include all the required supporting documents.
3. Verification of the required documents and applicants ID.
4. Registration, occurrence recording in the system, and fees payments.
5. Issue the birth certificate and deliver it to the applicant.

What documents are needed to process

Issuance of a birth certificate for the first time:
1. Civil ID card / resident card / passport of the applicant.
2. Identification card to identify the civil ID / resident card / passports of the parents.
3. Notification form of the newly born issued from one of the accredited health institutions (if the birth takes place in a health institution).
4. A form accredited by Al Rasheed or the Sheikh, authenticated by the Wali (when it occurs outside the health institutions).
5. Notification documents of the birth or birth certificate from the country of the newly born authenticated by official parties (if it occurs outside the country).
6. A copy of the birth certificate or any identifying evidence along with the original for identification purposes, in addition to an approval certificate from the Ministry of Interiors (if the Omani male is married to an expatriate woman).
7. In case the marriage contract of the couples who have been married for a long time is not available, this requires submitting a birth certificate of one of the children of the same mother of the newly born who is to be registered. Then, a new birth certificate is issued.
8. A letter from Al Rasheed or Al Sheikh, accredited by the Wali identifying the name of the person. Personal documents of the relatives are also enclosed in case of the non availability of a passport, or one of the ID cards of one of the parents if he or she is aged or if one of the two parents is dead and cannot bring in personal documents.

Copy of a birth certificate:
1. A copy of ID card for the certificate holder or the father or the one who is of closest relation to the certificate holder.
2. A copy of the birth certificate, then it should be identified with the original.
3. A letter from the guardian or the related person.

Replacement of a birth certificate issued by Ministry of Health:

The documents required for replacement:
1. The old original certificate which is to be replaced, issued by Ministry of Health.
2. A copy of the passport or personal ID card of the related person or copies of the original passports of the parents.
3. A copy of the marriage contract of the parents for identification.

Replacement of a damaged birth certificate issued by Ministry of Health:
1. A new birth certificate can be issued in accordance with the damaged one, but then the damaged one is to be withdrawn according to the previous required documents.

Issue of a new certificate replacing a lost one issued by Ministry of Health, when a copy of the same is still carried:
1. The copy should be attested by the Ministry of Health, after that a certificate is issued after withdrawing the authenticated one according to the previous required documents.

The one who notifies the loss of the birth certificate issued by Ministry of Health, but who has no copy of the same:
1. This person should present to the Ministry of Health evidence for the loss of the birth certificate which contains the date of birth. The certificate is issued in the light of the verifications and the data provided by the Ministry of Health.

The loss of birth certificate issued by Civil Status:
1. The related person is to submit a written application addressed to the Director of Civil Status, enclosing a copy of personal ID / passport, and a copy of the certificate if available, identifying them with the original.

Those who have an estimated age:
1. A document of estimated age cannot be replaced by original birth certificate issued by Directorate General of Civil Status.

Special conditions if any applicable
1. The application is to be submitted during the limited period of time.
2. The required documents are to be correct and complete.
3. Fees are to be paid only through one of the electronic cards (smart card, prepaid card, visa, or master card).
4. The person who notifies the birth occurrence should be one of the following entitled persons:
1. Father of the new born if present.
2. One of the adult relatives (closest in rank to the new born) who attended the birth occurrence.
3. One of those adults who lives in the same accommodation of the mother.
4. The physician who handled the delivery or the ones who are licensed to handle delivery.
5. Directors of institutions like hospitals, delivery places, prisons, health detentions, and other places where births occur.
6. Al Rasheed or the Sheikh of the area.
7. The mother.
5. Notification should be carried out according to the above arrangement, and any other notification from non entitled persons is not acceptable.

How the service is processed
An application is to be submitted to the Directorate of Civil Status during the official working hours. A certificate will be issued as soon as the application is submitted to the registration official, where its issuance should not take more than five minutes. The birth occurrence must be notified and registered within two weeks from the birth date. When the birth of an Omani child occurs outside Oman, then the notification should be through the Omani diplomatic mission or consulate in the country where the birth occurs, or the country of destiny of the traveller within three months from the date of birth. Recording in the Sultanate can be done within no more than fifteen days from arrival date if the residence period in the country where the birth occurred is less than thirty days. The notification should be accompanied by a birth certificate or a document issued from the concerned authority in that country.