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Kite Surfing

There are many extreme sports to try in Oman, kite surfing is just one of them.

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18 July 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Kite Surfing
Kite surfing or kite boarding is a surface water sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into one extreme sport. A kite surfer or kite boarder harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable power kite to be propelled across the water on a kite board similar to a wakeboard or a small surfboard, with or without foot-straps or binding.
The sport has gained popularity throughout the Sultunate of Oman in the past decade and there are schools that will teach a novice beginner how to kite surf in no time. You can also get a brand new kite there. The industry is well stocked with equipment making it a go-to kite surfing destination in the Middle East. While the sport may seem daunting at first the instructors take their job seriously and will first teach a student the basics on land before moving into the water. You need a fair amount of wind to kite surf, and the kites themselves are quite large in diameter. This is why it is imperative for a beginner to learn how to control the kite before getting into the water. The amount of time a beginner needs before they can progress into the water depends on the person themselves. Some people pick the sport up very quickly while others take more time. 

Oman has more than 5000km of white sandy beaches and beautiful blue water sand lagoons and world class wave spots and this makes Oman a fantastic location for kite surfing. Oman is windy all year. Furthermore, there are areas with waves and others with flat water making it a very versatile destination for thrill seekers and novice surfers. Many kite enthusiasts travel to Oman specifically to partake in the sport and it makes a nice change if you are already a resident of the Gulf to travel to Oman for a change of scenery and to meet new people. Oman is easily accessible from all the Gulf countries by road or plane. 

Mesirah Island is one of the most popular kite surfing destinations due to the cooler temperateres and high speed winds. Other popular spots include Ras Al Hadd lagoon, Asilah lagoon, Muscat’s azaiba beach. However much of the coastline remains unexplored and if the wind speed and direction is right you could surf just about anywhere in the Sultunate of Oman.