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Oman Websites & Blogs

We've taken a look at some great Muscat and Oman blogs, websites, news sites, facebook pages and others you may find interesting.

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27 November 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Oman Websites & Blogs

Here we take a look at some great Muscat and Oman blogs, websites, news sites, facebook pages and others you may find interesting. Blogs are especially great to find out what expat life in Muscat and Oman will be like. Some of the bloggers below have been blogging for years and their archives are packed full of really useful information. There's also links to Oman based news websites so you can see what's happening on a daily basis... enjoy!

Useful & Interesting Blogs

This is a great food blog. Sue blogs about where she eats and what she has eaten. Her blog is filled with great recommendations and mouthwatering pictures. Check out what yummy food she'll be having this weekend.

My primary aim in creating the blog is to provide a platform for creativity local talent to showcase themselves to the local community, albeit also events, publications and just anything interesting that’s happening.

Life Outside the M25
They say Londoners don’t think the world exists outside of the M25, well this Londoner has packed up and has moved to Oman!

Naija Expat Wife
I am Stella, an International Commercial Lawyer, married to an Oil and Gas Expatriate (the love of my life *winks*) in Oman. We have spent two years in Oman, and within these years, our adorable princess was born. Despite adjusting to motherhood (wonderful experience and I am always grateful to God) and working part time for a reputable International Consulting firm, I still find time to blog about my experiences in Oman. This is not my first time abroad, but this is my first time in the Gulf.

Muscat Mutterings
This blog is primarily about life & news in the Sultanate of Oman. Mr Sythe is a Western expatriate who has been living in the Sultanate of Oman for 5 years and started the blog Muscat Mutterings on the 26th July 2009. The blog is jam packed full of really useful information about life in Muscat and has had over 10 million views!

How To Live Like An Omani Princess
This blog is [now] a combinination of the stories and experiences of three women into the character of one [so no one can mouth one or the other]. It tells life like it is around the sultanate and has some really thought provoking content. get a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the read!

Dhofari Gucci

Dhofar is the Southern province in the Sultanate of Oman. Salalah is the capital city of Dhofar (in fact, the only city). Salalah is unique in many ways. After a week or so of posts, you'll begin to know why. As a Salalahtarian, I have insider's input. If you follow my blog, you'll begin to appreciate (if not already) the richness of our amazing little town. Salalah is very special, and very different.If you're wondering why I'm fluent in English, it's because I spent several years studying abroad. However, I am a Salalah girl through and through. . I have a lot of positive (and rather amusing) things to write about.

Handy Websites

Black And White Oman
Black And White Oman is a fortnightly magazine in Oman filled with lots of news and information. It has an online magazine version that can be read to find out what's happening in Oman and get the latest news and views. The rpint copy of the magazine can be picked up at many points in Oman for free and is released on the 7th and 21st of a month.

Times Of Oman
Times of Oman is the oldest and the leading English daily newspaper published in the Sultanate of Oman. Times of Oman has an overarching goal of providing reliable news along with information and entertainment.Times of Oman is the only newspaper in the Sultanate to have an online e-paper which has a huge readership.

Knowledge Oman is a platform that specifically connects people in the community to create, share and promote knowledge through online-based and community driven initiatives. The platform was launched in April 2008 as a mission to solidify the vision of the country's ruler, His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos of Oman. The vision is to transform Oman into a knowledge based society. This generates wealth of knowledge and builds the nation which is the corner-stone of success today.

The Wave Community
If you are living on The Wave there is a community website all for you. The Wave Community website wants to connect, exchange information and share experiences and ideas about the residential project "The Wave".

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