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Public Transport in Oman

Get to know all about the public transport in Oman to save some money from taxis and your own petrol.

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18 July 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Public Transport in Oman

Public transport is available in Oman. Transportation comes from buses and taxis and are available around main cities in Oman. Public transportation in Oman is colour-coded.

Public Transport

The most popular public transport in Oman are the 'Baiza' buses. These are relatively cheap and goes to all major roadways including the Muscat metropolitan area dropping off and picking up passengers at any location. Flag one down and find out his destination. If it’s where you want to go, get in. Short hauls are about 200 baizas (US $0.50).

The large public buses are less popular and more expensive colour coded red and green.

ONTC (Oman National Transport Corporation) offers regular bus services to Salalah, Nizwa, Sohar and Dubai among other destinations.

For bus and coaches timetable, click here.

For fares and schedules contact ONTC:
Tel: +968 24492948
Email: [email protected]


Taxis are orange and white. They are not metered so it is advisable to negotiate a fair before the start of a journey. Muscat International Airport to anywhere in Muscat costs about RO6. Shared taxis are considerably inexpensive and practical. A short taxi ride from Ruwi to Muttrah would cost roughly 200 baizas. Here's a list of taxi services in Oman.

Allo Taxi: +968 24697997
City Taxi: +968 95103152
KMS Taxi: +968 99331397
Saud Taxi: +968 96600955

There is no railway network in Oman but some are proposed to link the neighboring countries in Saudi Arabia and UAE. In 2010, bids were invited for the construction of a rail network, a double-track electrified coastal route in Oman in three phases.

1. Muscat to Sohar
2. Muscat to Daq
3. Sohar to Al Ain (in UAE)


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