Replace Driving License of an Approved State |

Replace Driving License of an Approved State

If you have a driving license from one of the list of approved countries you can just replace it for a new driving license.

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18 July 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Replace Driving License of an Approved State

An expatriate in Oman can be issued with a new driving license without completing a driving test provided that they have a driving license from one of the one's listed in the approved countries. 

Driving license Oman

This service is provided for people who are interested in replacing their driving license obtained from their approved countries with an Omani driving license.

Steps to follow to request the service

Process steps

1. License replacement form and 2 photos and the original driving license.
2. Pass the eye test.
3. Check on the driving license, its category to ensure compatibility.
4. Fees should be paid and the receipt delivered to applicant.
5. Issue a new license and hand it over to applicant.

List of Forms and procedures required:

1. The applicant must appear in person at the officer’s desk.
2. Dept. compares the original license with the replaced one.
3. The foreign license must have been issued at least one year back.
4. If the license is written in a language other than Arabic or English, it must be translated through the

Embassy of the home country

What documents are needed to process
• A No Objection letter for replacing the license of the sponsored person/ one his companions, from the company/ government entity.
• i A letter from the sponsor and his IF Card if the sponsorship is personal.
• If the husband is Omani, he should provide a no objection letter with his ID Card.
• A copy of the original driving license.
• Diplomats should provide a letter from the Embassy addressed to the Director of Licensing requesting replacement of the driving license.

Special conditions if any applicable

1. Ensure that the State is approved for replacing a driving license.
2. The license will be replaced in the same category taking into consideration the profession of the expatriate.
3. Replacing a license of mechanical equipment will require a verification of the type of the equipment from the state where the license was issued.
4. Temporary licenses shall not be replaced.
5. Licenses issued in the GCC states 6 months back for expatriates and GCC citizens shall not be replaced, except for Omani nationals.
6. Private driving licenses of GCC citizens will be replaced by private Omani licenses. Licenses of other categories will be replaced with their equivalents of Omani taking into consideration the age condition for each category.
7. The concerned Department will retain GCC citizens’ replaced licenses, whereas they are given back to other expatriates.

How long will it take

Transaction will be finalized in (05 -10) minutes.

The new driving licence will be a replacement of the same original category as the one from your home country. The cost of relacing a light vehicle license is OMR20, a heavy vehicle license OMR10 and replacing a motorcycle license is OMR 15.