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Off-Road Adventures

If you want to experience off roading, we have the info for you. It's easy to get addicted to this favoured expat past time.

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18 July 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Off-Road Adventures

Many people accuse drivers of 4 wheel drive vehicles as owning them for the concrete jungle, so that they can clamber the pavements and evade traffic, find parking in appropriate places and such like. However, in Oman people tend to use these muscle cars for what they were made, to drive up the rugged mountain terrain and go dune bashing in the serest. This is a fun experience for all and when couple with camping can turn into a weekend of thrilling rides and bonding. 

Dune Bashing Oman

These sports vary according to the nature of the terrain. Driving four-wheel vehicles is different in the desert from the mountain, and driving in the rugged valleys is different from driving in shallow waters. When travelling through Oman, you are bound to find in each valley and mountain a semi-paved road that cuts through the top of the mountain or the bottom of the valley.

Valleys differ in nature and some are easy to traverse, while others require superb driving and manoeuvring skills. PerhapsWadi At Ta'iyeen is the largest valley in the country as it stretches for a distance of around 82 kilometres from start to finish.

The Guide Oman organizes regular trips through the desert allowing the adventurers to experience these adventurous treks in an environment suitable to them. The company offers Desert expeditions, mountain crossings, corporate functions, private tours, team building and fun days out. All the information is on their facebook page and they would be the best place to go when looking for a reliable company to trek the desert or mountain with.

You can also go at it on your own, without professionals that is, but it is always advisable to go with a group of cars rather than just one incase you get stuck in the desert and need help. If you find youself lost or stuck in the desert or mountainous regions of Oman just call the police on 9999. They have excellent tracking equipment and will find you in no time. 

If you decide to take a more sedentary approach at 4 wheel driving in the Omani desert, a desert safari might be for you. No trip or stay in Oman would be complete without heading out and experiencing the majesty and the thrill of the desert. There are lots of companies that offer desert safaris out there- just make sure you use a reputable one with the right insurance. 

You may be sharing a car with other guests- you can have a private car but this will cost more. You meet up with all the other 4x4's from that company and head out into the desert to dune bash- you will be amazed at what cars can do! It really is a thrilling experience- almost like being on a roller coaster- if you have kids, elderly people, pregnant or scaredy cats with you you can request a more sedate drive

However you decide to live out your adrenaline junkie dreams in the four wheel drive of your choice Oman offers some of the most spectacular driving routes in the Middle East, coupled with the agreeable weather of the Sultunate you can turn this day long adventure into a weekend or even a wee with camping and the works. You could even explore the little towns and hamlets, try your hand a rock climbing or do a little trekking while you are in Oman. This is a way to travel, learn and enjoy for the whole family.