Visa On Arrival In Oman |

Visa On Arrival In Oman

Here we take a look athe different kinds of visit and business visas you need to enter Oman as well as visas in arrival countries.

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2 February 2014

Last updated on 25 July 2019
Visa On Arrival In Oman

Whether moving to or visiting Oman, you need to correct visa to ensure your stay here is a pleasant and stress-free one, and to also make sure you're here on the correct one.

Here we take a look athe different kinds of visit and business visas you need to enter Oman as well as visa on arrival countries.

Visa On Arrival In Oman

Entry Visa Payment:
Arriving passengers who are eligible for Visa on Arrival are able to make visa payments at the Travelex Foreign Exchange bureau located in the immigration arrivals hall, payments can be accepted in most currencies or by credit card, an automatic receipt will be issued to the traveller this receipt is then presented at the immigration desk, this reduces the time and queues for processing.

Passengers with entry visas deposited at the airport, should collect their visa from the Oman Air Visa Collection Counter.


Visa Validity

Passport Validity

Visa Extension


10 Days

RO 5

10 Days

Not less than 6 months

10 Days RO 5*

Countries from List A

More Than 10 Days

RO 20

1 Month

Not less than 6 months

1 month RO 20*

Countries from List A

Multiple Entry **

RO 50

1 Year***

Not less than 1 year

Not applicable

Countries from List A

* One time Visa Extension allowed from the ROP visa information counter at Muscat International Airport only from 07:30-13:00 SAT-WED excluding Public Holidays or available from the Directorate General of Passport & Residency HQ, Seeb Opposite Muscat International Airport during their working hours.
** Only applicable to Businessmen visiting Oman regularly with sufficient documents.
*** This type of visa allows its holder to stay in Oman for 21 days maximum on each visit.

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Joint Tourist Visa Facility with the Emirate of Dubai and Qatar
Nationals set out in List A arriving from the Emirate of Dubai or from Qatar to Oman bearing a tourist entrance visa or a stamp from either country are not required to obtain a separate visa for Oman provided they travel directly from Dubai or from Doha to Oman.

Visa Type


Visa Validity


Dubai Visa


Dubai visa validity not less than 21 days

Passengers from Countries as per List A, passengers must arrive and depart from/to Dubai.

Qatar Visa


Qatar visa validity not less than 30 days

Passengers from Countries as per List A, passengers must arrive and depart from/to Doha. Qatar visa must state allowed to visit Oman.

Entry Visa for Foreigners Residing in the G.C.C. Countries:
This is issued to residents of any GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Countries, passengers must arrive directly from any GCC county. Restrictions apply to non-degree related professions e.g. (labourers, carpenters) it is also granted to members of their families as long as they enter together.


To be granted to the wives of expatriates sons in GCC as well as house maids, drivers and companions with sponsor or any of his family members according to the following conditions :

  • The expatriate should have valid resident in any GCC country .

  • Duration of the visa is one month extended to one month and the fees are collected as per similar treatment principle of each State .

To view the list or professions eligible for Visa on Arrival visit for the GCC category visit the ROP website

Muscat International Airport in Oman

Additional Information
1. All visitors must hold onward or return air tickets.
2. Residents expatriate employees with valid employment visas leaving the Sultanate of Oman for a stay abroad exceeding 180 days from the day of departure, their visas will automatically be cancelled.
3. Warning: Passengers will be returned to point of origin on the same carrier at own expense and a fine up to R.O. 200 will be imposed on the carrier if they arrive with improper or missing documentation or who are not eligible for visa on arrival.

Countries - List A:
European Countries
Andorra, Czech Rep, Greece, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino, Turkey,
Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovakia, United Kingdom,
Belgium, Estonia, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia, Vatican City,
Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Spain,
Croatia, France, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, Sweden,
Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Switzerland

Central & South American Countries
Argentina, French Guiana,  Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Suriname, Chile, Uruguay,Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador

Other Countries
Australia, Lebanon, South Korea,
Brunei, Dar al-Salam, Malaysia, Taiwan,
Canada, New Zealand, Thailand,
Hong Kong, Seychelles, United States of America
Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, South Africa

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