Guide to Accommodation in Oman |

Guide to Accommodation in Oman

In Oman, they have a variety of complexes so that there is something suitable for all the people afetr accomodation.

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17 July 2013

Last updated on 14 June 2017
Guide to Accommodation in Oman

There is a wide range of apartments and villas available in Oman, both inside and outside of secure compounds. Contrary to the popular misconception, few Omani homes are actually located in the desert. While many bedouin Arabs still live in the desert, the expats live in spaceous and well air-conditioned apartments and villas in the cities.

In fact, most visitors are pleasantly surprised when they see the cities of Oman for the first time - mixtures of modern architecture and traditional homes and wind towers. New buildings are often spectacular, as oil has provided the money for skilled architects, builders and materials. Wealthy families often compete for prestige by attempting to build the biggest or most luxurious homes.

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When you´re looking for a home, pay special attention to nearby construction projects. As development continues throughout Oman, these projects could grow to disturb your daily routine. Noise, dust, and debris are all potential side-effects resulting from nearby construction.

Some construction even continues 24 hours a day, which could make relaxing difficult! It could also make cleaning difficult as dust tends to creep through microscopic holes and settle in a thin layer on to of every surface. The closer that you live to an ongoing construction site, the more dust there will be and the dust bunnies tend to get annoying to many.

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There is a mix of compounds, villas and apartments in Oman. The price range varies to suit every budget.


Componds refer to a group of villas or low rise buildings that are enclosed by a wall rendering a compound a residential community. Within a compound residents will have certain shared facilities such a gym and a pool area. Furthermore there may also be barbecue facilities. Compounds are a popular choice among expatriates in Oman due to the fact that they are very community orientated, furthermore it is easy for children to make friends in their own compound.


This is usually the preferred accommodation of families in Oman who do not regard compound living suitable for them, usually because of a lack of privacy. Some villas have their own pools however they lack other facilities such as a gym and a tennis court.

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Living in a villa or a compound tends to be pricier than living in an apartment.


Apartment blocks tend to be mid to high rise residential blocks. A lot of apartment buildings have shared facilities such as a swimming pool and a gym. Aparments come in various sizes ranging from a studio to a four bedroom depending on the tenants needs and maintenance is usually available in house for any work that needs to be done.

Homes in Oman tend to be spacious and well maintained. Many houses will have bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The rooms will be larger than what one finds in Europe, the UK or the USA. Villas usually have a generous garden and patio while apartments can have a nice sized balcony.