Horseback Riding in Oman |

Horseback Riding in Oman

The Arabian horse that live in Oman is a strong tourist attraction due to their stunning beauty and calm nature that they possess.

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18 July 2013

Last updated on 14 June 2017
Horseback Riding in Oman

When you come to Arabia, you can't miss the allure of the Arabian riding stallion. And if you like riding, Oman has trails and the horses to take you there. Oman is famous for its pure-bred Arabian horses, the origins of which date back to the Prophet Suleiman who gifted the stallion, Zad-ar-Raakib, to an ADZ delegation. This stallion is said to be the original Arab horse whence the Arabian pedegree descended. The Oman Equestrian Federation (24 490 424) organises the Annual Royal Meeting, national show jumping competitions every winter, and the Royal Equestrian Show every five years, at the Enam Equestrian Grounds in Seeb.

Horse riding on the beach

Oman's rich horse riding history is evident in the very nature of the way that they treat their horses and the importance that is placed on the annual horse riding events. Oman was one of the main centers for breeding Arabian horses. The horse riding culture is deep rooted here and flat and endurence racing are extremely popular. Tent pegging is an event that is both prestigious and popular and involves riders retrieving pegs while in a full gallop. If you are not up for such gruelling events or are more interested in showing, Oman has that too with schools that teach show jumping and dressage and competetive events as well.

Muscat is a great place for people that enjoy horse riding. There are riding centers that offer lessons to people of all ages and experience levels. The schools will offer a one hour lesson or a guided riding trail. The riding trails go through Qurm Park and Nature reserve.

For a horse riding staycation, or vacation for that matter, you can opt to stay at the resort close to Barka. The resort has its own stables and you can choose to ride out from there.

The weather in Oman tends to get very hot in summer so horse riding activities are the most popular in the winter months from October to April. A lot of schools offer night time riding as well which makes the temperature more bearable during the summer, although not many will go out when it is really very hot.

Horse riding stables

Al Fursan Stable
Lessons and guided tours through Qurm Park & Nature Reserve
Al Qurm
99 386 978

Qurm Equastrian School
Lessons, pony club for children, Carriage rides and rentals
Qurm Park (Rose Gardens)
99 339 222

Al Sawahil Horse Riding
24 590 061