The New Oman Pavilion Has Been Unveiled At The Expo 2020 Site In Dubai |

The New Oman Pavilion Has Been Unveiled At The Expo 2020 Site In Dubai

Oman’s design for its Expo 2020 pavilion in Dubai will pleasantly surprise you

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6 November 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018

For all the residents in Oman that have been anxiously waiting to see the design

Wait no more – the Oman pavilion was finally unveiled on Sunday and the design is simple yet breathtaking.

Expo 2020, which is taking place in Dubai in the year 2020 is made up of different pavilions of several countries and one by one each country is revealing the design inspiration of its pavilion.

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This week, Oman revealed its design for the Expo 2020, which reflects a contemporary yet recognizable take on Islamic and Oman traditional architecture.

A Frankincense tree has been made as the main focal point of the pavilion and as the main theme.

The contemporary design is said to bridge the gap between the current and the civilizations of the ancient world.

What is a Frankincense tree?

More commonly known as Boswellia in science - a Frankincense tree has a rich history in the Middle East.

It's an elegant tree with low-flowing branches and beautiful bright flowers that produce a powerful scent.

So much so that the Frankincense resin (oil) is used in religious incense, perfume, deodorant and even medicine.

More of the design has been revealed to reflect common architecture that one might find in the Sultanate of Oman, without ever having to leave the pavilion at the Expo 2020 site in Dubai.

The design was put together to pull from different architectural inspirations a convoy would have experienced back in the day, including: the routes of Dhofar in Oman, the shores of Southern Iraq, the Levant , Ancient Egypt , the coasts of Palestine, etc…

Oman’s pavilion will include 5 different zones relating to the main theme of Frankincense:

  • The transportation of Frankincense to the world
  • The economy behind the Frankincense as food and medicine
  • The manufacturing of the Frankincense
  • Sustainability of the Frankincense and the land
  • Travel and exploration of the Frankincense as a commodity