Pink Lakes Are Oman’s BEST Kept Secret |

Pink Lakes Are Oman’s BEST Kept Secret

These 7 pictures show just how fabulous and mesmerizing the pink lakes in Oman actually are

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16 October 2018

Last updated on 19 December 2018
Pink Lake

Straight out of an artistic paintings, one would need a double take to believe that these pink lakes actually exist in Oman

They really do!

Everything you see in these pictures are actual lakes, which have not been dyed or photo-shopped to appear the colour that they are – PINK!

Not many people in and out of Oman know about these jaw-dropping lakes just a few minutes’ drive from Muscat – so if you’re planning an Oman adventure any time soon, this destination is the perfect one for scenic views and refreshing sea atmospheres.

These pink lakes are located in Jalan Bani Bu Ali state in South Al Sharqiyah – a 300 km drive south of Muscat. And this area even has archaeological sites to unleash your inner historic buff.

Extending for almost 180 km, the coast of Jalan hosts Oman’s most infamous touristic spot – people can camp, hike, climb mountains and even witness many migratory birds, including pink flamingos.

What causes a lake to be pink

A study was done to find the core reason behind the distinct pink colour of Oman’s pink lakes – and the findings were due to a type of algae called Dunalilla Salina and a bacteria.

This algae has very high concentrations of salt and B Carotene and home to different types of harmless bacterias, including Bacillus Mwgaterium and Bacillus Subtllis.

But believe it or not the reason behind the distinct pink colour is because of a bacteria called halobacteria.