Rock Climbing in Oman |

Rock Climbing in Oman

Rugged mountains, rising to 3,000 metres, amongst a maze of spurs and wadis, deep canyons and towering cliffs

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18 July 2013

Last updated on 14 June 2017
 Rock Climbing in Oman

Rugged mountains, rising to 3,000 metres, amongst a maze of spurs and wadis, deep canyons and towering cliffs. Getting onto the mountain in a four-wheel drive is easy. For the rock climber, every mountain face presents an enigmatic challenge. For specific information there is a book available from Apex Publishing (Tel. 799388) entitled Rock Climbing in Oman which is available at most book stores and shopping centres.

Climbers are daredevils but they are all aware of the importance of safety in their sport. Ensure that you always have the correct equipment for the sport and that you check the equipment and service it regularly. Always wear a hemet when climbing as it will protect you from falling debris as well as a bump you may receive on the head from falling and swinging to the side of the rock or falling off when bouldering without a belay.

Rock Climbing

Oman is a haven for outdoor climbing and we have four climbing spots for you to explore. As with everything we suggest that you start in Oman's only indoor wall. Here you will meet local climbers, get the gear and get a feel for the terrain. Aptly called "The Wall" the indoor gym is located in Muscat and is great for socialising, bouldering and climbing. It is located at the Muscat Diving and Adventure Centre and is open to all ages and levels.

Wadi Daykah
This is a great area for climbing as it has routes of various difficulty at around 25m heights. It is relatively easy to get to with only a 3km off road drive with minimum dust. Furthermore it offers nice pockets of shade and there is potential to create your own routes. 
It is close to Oman's one and only lake so you can enjoy a dip after a hard climbing session. 

5 O’Clock Rock
This crag is a short drive from the Hatta House roundabout. If you are in a four wheel drive you can get right to the base of the crag, however if you are driving a smaller vehicle you will have to park further away and endure a quick walk to the crag. The rock can be a little loose and helmets should be worn, as always. 
La Gorgette
This crag is the steepest in Oman and is great for more experienced climbers. La Gorgette is located in Wadi Bani Awf. It is a two and a half hour drive from Muscat, with the last hour being on a dirt road. There is plenty of shade and a comfortable and secluded climbing atmosphere. The area is great for camping as there are palm shaped terraces. It also offers a nice hiking route in the form of Little Snake George and there are plenty of places to swim in this area.

Qantab (aka Bandar Al Jissah)

Deep water soloing is the new thing in climbing and Qantab, in Hadash, offers great overhangs and a challenging cliff face for climbers. Here a climber will also attract an audience as it is located on a busy beach. There are nine climbing spots in the area that can be reached by fishing boat (which is available for hire). Be aware of the hornets on the sea facing rocks, these bees are territorial and angering them is not a fun experience.