Pets & Vets in Oman |

Pets & Vets in Oman

Here's a list of some vets in Oman and projects that help the wildlife in the country.

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17 July 2013

Last updated on 29 June 2017
Pets & Vets in Oman

Are you looking for a Vet in Muscat? Want to learn about protecting the natural habitat of Oman's wildlife? Want to visit the turtle sanctuary? We have all the information you need below...

Pets & Vets in Oman

Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic provides the highest level of veterinary care available in Oman. The head veterinarian, Dr. Elke Heitz, is a member of the UK's Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (MRCVS) which ensures expert standards of clinical practice.

Working together, Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic's professionally qualified vets, nurses and staff make certain that your pet receives the very best treatment and care. They offer an extensive range of veterinary services, pet food, pet products and friendly advice too.

Visit their adopt-a-cat page too to see if you can offer a home to an abandoned pet.

The Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic
Building 1427, Way 1822, Qurum, Muscat
Phone: +968 24562263

Muscat Veterinary Clinic
We are sensitive to the bond that exists between pets and their owners. Our entire staff are pet owners adding an extra dimension to our care of your pets.

Our healthcare team aims to provide a diagnostic and surgical unit that would adequately service a rural community medical practice of pets. At Muscat Veterinary Clinic your pet will receive the best treatment possible as we set the benchmark for veterinary care in the Oman.

The Muscat Veterinary Clinic
+ 968 99100056
Email : [email protected]

Ras al-Jinz Animal Sanctuary

Ras AI Jinz is a fishing village located in the Ras AI Hadd Turtle Reserve on the eastern shores of the Arabian Peninsula.

The Ras AI Jinz beach is world renown for the nesting endangered green turtle (Chelonia mydas), probably the most important nesting concentration on the Indian Ocean.

This is the only place where the public can watch the nesting process of these amazing sea giants.

The Ras AI Jinz Centre, an ecotourism project, was established in 2008 to help conserve the fascinating and amazing nesting processes of these giants of the marine turtle world. Read More>>

Pet care vetinary clinic

Dr. Svetlana graduated from St.Petersburg State Academy of Veterinary Medicine with a first class degree in a year 1999 . She has gained wide experience of all types of animals both domestic(farm) and pets. From 1999 to 2003 worked in cattle farm and from 2003 to 2006 worked in private veterinary clinic in Russia. Through her work with Veterinary Centre and Capital Veterinary Centre, Dr. Svetlana has been practising veterinary medicine in the Sultanate of Oman since 2007 gaining a renowned position in the capital, Muscat. She has now joined a new clinic and assembled a proficient start offering all forms of treatment and care for pets and domestic animals.

Petcare Veterinary Center
+968 22043965
Mob:+968 92303885 or +968 99009459
Email : [email protected]