Oman Ranks Least Polluted Arab City |

Oman Ranks the Least Polluted Among Arab Countries

Analysis of pollution reports found that Oman ranked last among the highest polluted countries in the Arab world

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24 November 2019

Last updated on 25 November 2019
Oman Ranks the Least Polluted Among Arab Countries

In recent years the Middle East has been experiencing economic growth - Dubai with the highly anticipated World Expo 2020 and Saudi Arabia with its expansion into tourism, leisure, and media. Consequently, the rapid constructions, developments, and projects have led to environmental problems across a number of Arab countries.

According to Numbeo and the World Health Organisation (WHO), Singapore tops the least polluted-country list with a pollution index of 32.06, followed by Japan at 36.78, and Oman in third at 37.80 (Numbeo) and 37.7 (WHO).

In the Middle East, Oman ranks first as the least polluted country, followed by the UAE and Cyprus.

The vast majority of the most polluted places in the world are in India, according to reports from Greenpeace and WHO. Although Oman is one of the most environmentally-safe countries in Asia, as a resident or visitor to the country, steps can be made to further reduce the pollution in the Arab world's favourite winter destination.

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