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Oman Clubs Societies and Charities

Oman Clubs, Societies & Charities- Muscat Mums, American Womens Group, Womens Guild Oman, sports clubs, music groups & more!

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17 July 2013

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Oman Clubs Societies and Charities

If you are looking for things to do and join in Muscat or the rest of Oman we've got a big list here for you - we'll be adding to it as we find more information for you. If you'd like your club, society or charity listed here, please send all the details to editor at expatwoman dot com and we'll be more than happy to put it on for you.

Women's Groups

Phoenix Group Oman
The Phoenix Group was established in March 2013 solely to support ladies new to this wonderful country. It aims to create a welcoming and friendly environment and provide useful information and help that eases both your physical and emotional transition from home. Phoenix gives ongoing support in the form of regular non-profit making events which provide all members with a broad support network. It aims to foster and strengthen friendships while supporting local legitimate businesses.

Find out more here

Muscat Mums
Muscat Mums is a non-profit informal social and support group for expecting mums and mums of pre-school children. Mothers (and Fathers!) of all nationalities are welcome to join Muscat Mums.
Muscat Mums is a voluntary organisation aimed at supporting and facilitating the relationship between mothers and children, providing opportunities to promote the physical and social development of infants and children, and also enhancing friendship and support between mothers.

Women's Guild Oman
Since its inception in 1973, with just thirteen members, the Women’s Guild in Oman has been committed to promoting friendship among women of all nationalities and creeds, exchanging useful information and sharing local knowledge about living in Oman. Now with a membership fast approaching 2,000 the commitment remains the same, with all monies made at the many and varied events arranged during the year, being donated to those less fortunate than ourselves.From a modest start of 70 OMR going to Charity in the first year of existence, we are proud that to date we have donated more than 150,000 OMR to various worthy local causes, and we look forward to giving even more in the years to come.


The Art of Living

Art of Living LLC was established in Oman in 2001. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving society by strengthening the individual. We do this by offering programs that eliminate stress, create a sense of belongingness, restore human values and encourage people from all backgrounds, religions and cultural traditions to come together in celebration and service.

OCO- Oman Charitable Organisation
OCO considers itself to be link between the well-off and the needy and people in turmoil. Every nation is susceptible to disasters. Let us to try to put the smile in every mouth and give hope to the desperate. Hard times bring the best in human beings in terms of solidarity, compassion and cooperation.

Al Noor Association for the Blind
The Association has introduced a number of services for the benefit of the blind across the Sultanate of Oman. Members have taken part in a number of local and national activities in areas of culture and sports as follows.

Art of living Foundation, Oman
The Art of Living is a non-profit organization founded in 1981 by the world-renowned philanthropist and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
The Art of Living offers effective educational and self-development programs and tools that facilitate the elimination of stress and foster deep and profound inner peace, happiness and well-being for all individuals. These programs, which include breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, and practical wisdom for daily living, have helped millions around the world to completely transform their lives.

Theatre, Music, Arts & Crafts

Muscat Singers
The Muscat Singers started in 1974 with just a handful of music-loving expatriates. In the enlightened reign of His Most Benevolent Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, like many expatriate cultural groups, The Muscat Singers evolved into a multi-cultural group, where the common bond is a love for music.

Crafty In Oman
Crafty In Oman is a social group established to support mothers and women in Oman from various backgrounds who create craft related items such as hair bows, interchangeable headbands, scrapbooking, card making etc.

If you consider yourself crafty and located in Muscat, Oman please do join

Royal Opera House Muscat
Royal Opera House Muscat is the leading arts and culture organization in the Sultanate of Oman. Located in Muscat, Oman, the vision of the Opera House is to serve as a centre of excellence in global cultural engagement. We strive to enrich lives through diverse artistic, cultural, and educational programs.

The multidisciplinary work of Royal Opera House Muscat showcases rich and diverse artistic creations from Oman, the region, and the world; provides a space for culture and socioeconomic development reflections and actions; inspires audiences and nurtures creativity with innovative programs; fosters cultural vitality and unleashes talent; promotes cultural tourism; and puts cultural diplomacy into practice by reinvigorating global and multi-disciplinary collaborations and exchanges.

'MuscArt' introduces one of a kind service in Oman. We are located in 18th November Street, which is central and easy to access for the clients. MuscArt Gallery is the perfect place to be at if you want a complete feel of the Omani traditional handcrafts and souvenir’s including traditional pottery for gifts. Our talented artist captures there work in photography and painting and exhibits there unique work about the Sultanate of Oman. We are not just a Gallery but a photography studio which enables local artist and photographers to exhibit there work as well as workshops on photography and art lessons. Many photographers require the perfect studio to work in and what we are offering is to attract aspiring ‘Photographers’ to join us in fulfilling their needs in our professional photography studio. Photography is all about capturing the beauty through the lens.

Sports & Outdoor Activity Clubs

Oman Football Association
Omani Football Association is considered the biggest sports association in the Sultanate and 43 clubs representing various states of the provinces of the Sultanate fall under its hammer.

Football has been played in the Sultanate since the beginning of last century, when the British introduced the game to the Arabian Gulf region through their military garrisons. However, the Omani Football is documented with the first sporting club which was founded in the Sultanate which is Oman Club that was founded in 1942 and was known then by the name of Maqboul Club.

Muscat Arabian Foxes Hockey Club: The Home of Expat Hockey in Muscat

The Muscat Arabian Foxes Hockey Club is a friendly field hockey club located in the Madinat Qaboos area of Muscat, Oman. Their squad comprises of both male and female hockey players of all ages, abilities and nationalities, from ex-national league, to youngsters and beginners learning the game. They play a good social standard of hockey all year round, against local Omani clubs, expat clubs, teams from visiting ships, and in tournaments in the Middle East.

Muscat Diving & Adventure Centre

Muscat Diving Adventure has been providing divers with a quality service since 1997.Our trips cater for the novice through to the professional and we supply all the kit. Choose between, (via ferrata, high wires) and ziplines 100m up, giant abseil 150m into the 'Grand Canyon', mountain bike, trek up to 2400m on Jebal Akhdar, go caving or rock-climbing or take to the water for sea kayaking, scuba diving, sailing, canyoning and wet wadi walks. Or mix them up for an action-packed trip!

Horizon Fitness
Oman's largest Health and Fitness club, Horizon Fitness helps thousands of people change their lives every day.Our team of fitness experts take your fitness personally - and guarantee they'll help achieve the results you want. We'll look at your motivations, help you set goals and guide you on a journey to improve health, fitness and change the way you feel about yourself.

Oman Sail
Oman Sail contributes to Oman's development. Our work raises the profile of Oman internationally, as a uniquely authentic high-end tourist destination, and as a destination for foreign investment. Our ever-expanding grass-roots sailing training programmes provide self-confidence (and marketable skills) to the youth of Oman. Other benefits to our programme are less quantifiable, but just as important. Our star sailors provide real Omani role models on the international stage. And by rekindling the nation’s maritime heritage, we are reconnecting the youth to their past more directly than a history lesson ever could do.


ESO- Environment Society Oman

ESO was founded in March 2004 by Omanis representing different regions and many different professional backgrounds. Membership is open to anyone above the age of 18 who has an interest in conserving the environment and ensuring that Oman's natural heritage remains intact for future generations to enjoy.

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