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7 Lies Everyone Tells at Work

Little white lies are just a commonplace at any company. These 7 will probably sound very familiar...

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28 June 2017

Last updated on 2 July 2017
7 Lies Everyone Tells at Work

Admit it – you’ve told lies to your boss or co-workers just to get out of certain situations. Little lies are simply part of workplace culture. The good news is that most of our lies don’t come from a bad place, but rather with the intention of just trying to please others or to avoid causing an issue.

Should you feel bad about it? Well, we’ll leave that up to you. But here are some common ones you’re probably guilty of!

1. Sorry I’m late, traffic was horrible!

Because admitting you’re just not a morning person after you’re late one more time is just not going to get you off the hook.


2. I’m working on it right now

When you were asked to do something without a deadline, so you sort of forgot about it. But since it’s not a complicated task and can be done quickly, it’s just better not to admit that you’ve got nothing to show for it.

Working on it

3. Oh wow, the email has been sitting in my drafts folder

That time you get a follow-up email because you've put off replying. It’s just a lot nicer to explain that you actually answered but it looks like you never clicked that send button.

My bad

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4. Don't worry, everything is under control

When really that just means everything is not under control. You’re already panicking inside, no need to make everyone else panic too.

Email drafts

5. No, I don't have any questions

We’ve all been given assignments that just didn’t make sense, but when the boss asks if we have questions, silence befalls us. Because really, who wants to be that one person who doesn’t get it?

No questions

6. I was thinking the exact same thing

When you were really thinking the exact opposite, but you need to seem agreeable.


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7. Sure, I’d be happy to

All those times you were asked to do something extra, and it was really the last thing you wanted to do, but you did it anyway.

  Love my job

How many have you told or at least heard?

7 Lies Everyone Tells at Work