Best sunglasses for baby based on ages |

Best sunglasses for baby based on ages

Latest post on 28 February 2018 - 13:14

Based on the article of How to choose best sunglasses for kid ( with 8 baby sunglasses considerations,we have collected 7 types of best sunglasses for baby from Amazon. Moreover, each one of them has their particular advantages, such as the best type for baby girls or boys, the one with more fashionable or low-key features.Parents also can take more customer reviews by clicking each picture of them aside.

1.Best sunglasses for baby girl without paparazzi-Baby banz->>

*Pos: This baby sunglasses are shatter resistant, comfortable and 100% UV blockage.

*Cons: This type of baby sunglasses are time-limited and not the polarized types; Sizes sometimes will smaller for elder babies.

2.Best sunglasses for baby boys- One Step Ahead Sun Smarties Wrap Sungalsses->>

*Pros: The baby sunglasses are polycarbonate with a velcro strap, can block 100% of UV rays.

*Cons: It can`t be regarded as the kind of polarized sunglasses, size might large and can`t convert to regular sunglasses.

3.Best toddler boy sunglasses-Kushies Sunglasses 100% UV Lens Block->>

*Pros: 2 custom sizes for newborn and toddler, made of rubber to prevent breakage and affordable price with American Optometric Association standards

*Cons: The baby sunglasses are not polarized, without adjustable strap and only 2 color choices.

4.Best sunglasses for 1 year old-BIB-ON My First Sunglasses-Wayfarer->>

*Pros: 2 pairs in a carriage, 100% of UV rays blocking, flexible rubberized material for a better breakage.

*Cons: Without wraparound design, not polarized, kids should keep them on their face.

5.Best toddler girl sunglasses- Weixinbuy Kids Love->>

*Prons: Cute choice, 100% UV protection,ultra affordable and polarized.

*Cons: Resin lenses,inflexible frames, without strap and 1 size option.

6.Best polarized sunglasses for kid - Minishade Polarized->>

*Pros: The polarized sunglasses reduce glare and block 100% of UV rays. Impact resistant and won`t scratch very easily. Durable frames and made of a flexible rubberized material.

*Cons: Higher price

7.Best sunglasses with strap for toddler - Real Kids Shades->>

*Pros: 100% of UV rays blocking, removable strap,several color options and made of rubber for durability.

*Cons: Not polarized, sometimes can`t stay on well without the strap.Size will be small for some kids.

We just chose these 8 best sunglasses for baby with different ages. If you want to know the important considerations when choosing the sunglasses, just take a refer to the article of how to choose best sunglasses for kid->>