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Oxygen Facial, Skin Tightening, and More: January Beauty Offers in Dubai

Check out the latest January beauty offers available in Dubai at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin & Laser Centre.

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6 January 2021

Last updated on 11 January 2021
Oxygen Facial, Skin Tightening, and More: January Beauty Offers in Dubai

All offers are available until 1st February 2021!

Congratulations! We finally made it to 2021.

2020 has been a pretty intense year, but we know these beauty offers in Dubai will help you refresh and renew for the right reasons this new year.

From oxygen facials and skin tightening procedures, to under-eye fillers and laser hair removal, here are the January skin and laser offers to have on your radar for the most luminous, rejuvenated version of "you".

Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre Dubai January 2021 offers

2 sessions of AquaGold and 2 sessions of Oxygen Facial – AED 2,000 (regular price: AED 2,800)

AquaGold Fine Touch is a patented, gold-plated medical facial device that painlessly delivers a personalized blend of ingredients deep into the skin to address the areas needing treatment.

The solution with ingredients is tailored to your specific skin needs, composed with a unique blend of vitamins, nutrients and micro quantities of botulinum toxin and fluids like hyaluronic acid, serums such as growth factors or pigment reducers, among others.

A personalized treatment plan with AquaGold can be used to:

  • Reduce wrinkles, fine lines
  • Reduce scarring, acne
  • Reduce enlarged pores

The Oxygen Facial at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin & Laser Centre is a gentle procedure which is highly successful in cleansing skin, exfoliating dead skin cells, extraction, hydration, and providing a plumping, anti-aging effect; perfect for those wishing to achieve a more youthful look without aggressive procedures.

1ml filler for under eye + 1 area Botox - AED 1,650 (regular price: AED 1,899)

Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre Dubai January 2021 offers

Under-eye filler treatment is a popular cosmetic solution for tackling tired-looking eyes.

Under-eye area or tear troughs refer to hollows under the eyes that can make you look older and more tired. Tear trough fillers are suitable for people who are concerned about dark circles or wrinkles around their eyes, and are looking to restore lost volume.

Under-eye filler treatment has the following benefits:

  • Reduces dark circles under the eyes
  • Adds volume and plump hollows under the eyes
  • Rejuvenates tired eyes
  • Boosts collagen production and overall skin quality
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Quick treatment with instant results
  • No down time – you can go straight back to work

The offer includes 1 area Botox injection for wrinkle reduction, which can be done for same area around the eyes (crow's feet) if you would love to get a full set of eye refreshing but can also be performed for other areas such as forehead or frown lines.

Laser hair removal: 3 sessions for bikini and 3 sessions for underarms - AED 1,099 (regular price: AED 2,150)

Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre Dubai January 2021 offers

Forget about shaving, skin irritation, and razor burn. Permanent laser hair removal is the best solution for smooth hairless skin in Dubai.

Get over AED 1,000 OFF on laser hair removal at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin & Laser Centre with this special January offer.

6 sessions for chin skin tightening and fat reduction 2000 AED (regular price: AED 3,000)

Wondering how you can improve the look of your lower face or chin without surgery? Nowadays, many non-invasive procedures are available, and one of the latest is BTL Exilis.

BTL Exilis is a non-surgical skin tightening and fat reduction procedure that uses a combination of heat and radio frequency to help you achieve your desired result. The procedure is very beneficial for the chin, because in one go you can reduce fat from a double chin and lift the sagging skin.

BTL Exilis treats all body as well, from head to toe.

The treatment’s ultrasound technology works towards fat reduction, whereas the use of radio frequency targets areas of the skin that require tightening and need help with collagen production. The pulse delivers help to reduce the volume of fat cells and accelerate collagen production, in order to firm the skin and improve the skin’s texture.

1 session of Oxygen Facial and 1 session MesoGlow - AED 599 (regular price: AED 800)

Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre Dubai January 2021 offers

This glowing package helps to treat and to prevent dry, dull skin.

The MesoGlow Facial with dermapen stimulates collagen, elastin production and is aimed at complete facial hydration and rejuvenation using microneedling and a vitamins cocktail.

The Oxygen Facial is a multi-step treatment that combines the benefits of hydradermabrasion, oxy jet, and a special delivery of antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides.

The best part? It's entirely non-invasive and has no downtime or discomfort. In fact, results are immediately visible. Those two procedures at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin & Laser Centre is effective for every skin type and can address specific skin concerns.

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