These Medical Facials in Dubai Can Heal Your Skin From Within |

These Medical Facials in Dubai Can Heal Your Skin From Within

Skin experts in Dubai spill on what you need to know about medical facials, from what it involves, post-treatment care, price, and where to find treatment

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18 October 2021

Last updated on 26 October 2021
Where to get the best medical facials in Dubai

Your face is a canvas, so it's important to treat it with care!

To answer all of your questions about medical facials in Dubai, we consulted prominent dermatologists and aestheticians at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre.

Here, the skin experts take us through the most important basics of this fabulous skincare treatment, including what is a medical facial, what you can expect during and post-treatment, how many sessions should you get, how much do medical facials cost in Dubai, and where to book your appointment!

What is a Medical Facial or Purifying Facial?

A Purifying Facial or Medical Facial is the process of clearing a clogged or compacted pore and pimples.

Medical facials are the first step for clean skin and it's often performed as a part of acne treatment. It can also be done as preparation before chemical peel, microneedling, or any aesthetic procedure.

When do you need a Medical Facial?

Comedones (blackheads), pustules and pimples are the most common reason for medical facials.

A blackhead is not only dirty pores, it is a pore that has become clogged with excess sebum and dead skin cells. Some pores may not be ready to be extracted on the first session and may require several treatments before they can be cleared or they can be extracted with vacuum from Hydrafacial.

The extraction of pustules and pimples often requires the use of a thin needle to gently lift and remove the very top layer of the pustule and allow the contents to be easily extracted.

Best medical facial offers in Dubai at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre

What to expect during the procedure?

A medical facial includes three main steps: cleaning, steaming, and extraction.

Additional steps such as exfoliation and moisturizing are tailored by patients' needs, with masks, LED light and high frequency.

First, the therapist will cleanse your skin. Afterwards your face will be steamed for a few minutes, to soften the skin and prepare it for easier extractions. The extraction will be done manually by a licensed therapist in Dubai using a special tool designed for this purpose.

Skin care after a medical facial in Dubai

After a medical facial an antibacterial product is applied to bring the skin back to the normal acid pH and to prevent post-facial breakouts.

24 hours post-treatment you should avoid working out, visiting a spa or other activities that can cause sweating. The skin is highly sensitive after the facial treatment, so do not expose to direct sun rays, and do not do other facial treatments for 3 days after a medical facial.

Only skin care professionals can do facials

Many patients with acne like to do home extraction and squeezing. It is important to keep your hands away from your face and let medical professionals in Dubai do the facial, to achieve healthy and clear skin.

Incorrect facials can damage your pores and can spread bacteria, making the skin worse. The pore wall inside the skin can break, pushing bacteria out into the surrounding tissue and spreading the breakout.

Medical therapists know how to clear the clogged pores without spreading infection and inflammation.

Best medical facial offers in Dubai at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre

Who can get a medical facial?

The medical facial doesn't have any limit in age, gender and skin type. This kind of facial can also be done for other body areas, such as the chest, back and shoulders.

How often should you get a medical facial?

The frequency of the medical facial depends on the problem that you are looking to treat, your skin type and other factors. Patients who are dealing with chronic acne may need multiple treatments, about 2-4 weeks apart.

However, the results are of course way better when the treatment is received regularly and combined with other facial treatments, such as Hydrafacial, crystal peel and oxygen facial.

At Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin & Laser Centre, medical facials are performed by a professional certificated therapist. The cost for one procedure is AED 500.

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