Dubai to Oman would you recommend it? |

Dubai to Oman would you recommend it?

Latest post on 03 April 2016 - 18:45

Hi Ladies, my husband & I moved to Dubai 9yrs ago and we have enjoyed the high life here. However we now have a 14month old little girl & I am 4 months pregnant, & our pace of life reflects this now, & we are happy with our family life being much less hectic, boozy & no late nights. Other than date night once a month ?
A possible opportunity has opened up for my husband in Muscat & both are very open to the idea.
I was wondering if any British Mums who have relocated from Dubai to Muacat with similar family could let me know their honest thoughts about their new life in Oman...good choice or not? Nurseries, healthcare, where to live for family community etc.
thank you & very grateful for any comments xxx